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Mission Statement

Eurasia aims to help entrepreneurs and companies in Food & Agriculture to succeed in doing business in both continents by providing our extensive knowhow, networks and experiences. We have the ambition to balance between people and profit, environment and speed, quality and sustainability.

Eurasia Eurasia Connection is bridging the “old continent” Europe with the “new world” of Asia. Europe is stagnating, struggling with increased bureaucracy and food safety issues that hamper further growth. Asia is fast growing – it will be a challenge to feed more people and find the right balance between improving productivity and mother nature, between revenues and costs, and between profit and people.

We believe that Asia will play an increasingly more important role in the world trade - in many forms and aspects. And, at the same time, both continents will continue to expand their interests in the global economy. Throughout this dynamic development we see rising competition in a globalised economic environment, and this poses a whole new set of requirements on governments and companies, and on all their stakeholders.

Cultural, political and personal differences between Asia and Europe are significant. Small activities or words can be misinterpreted and can have big consequences. The right choice of words and behavior can often be difficult.

New and creative approaches are needed at both ends. Learning’s can be drawn from both sides for future guidance. Eurasia Connection can help you to look at your business from an Asian as well as a European angle and can help you to develop and execute strategies for your future growth.