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Management Team Europe

Robbert holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering with specialty logistics management from the University of Logistics and Economics in Hamm, Germany.

Robbert is supporting the Eurasia management team with developing and considering new logistical concepts from a different perspective. Robbert made his professional experience in the engineering and automotive business. Furthermore Robbert has worked and lived in Shanghai, where he has build up his own Asian network.

Robbert Kokkeel

Anja Kokkeel - van Galen is one of the founders of Eurasia- Connection in 2011.

Anja is Dutch decent

Anja has extensive experience in the hospitality business. Her main tasks include the whereabouts of our guests, the travel arrangements, as well as the organization of the Eurasia office.

Anja Kokkeel - van Galen

Willem Kokkeel is one of the founders of Eurasia- Connection in 2011.

Willem is Dutch decent, and has an MBA from the University of Florida, USA.

After several jobs various FMCG companies (Henkel, Rowntree Mackintosh, Nestle, Chiquita, Atlanta-now Univeg), Willem started his own company Jin-Jin Europe in 2004. He sold his share in Jin-Jin in 2011, to move to Germany and start Eurasia Connection. Since August 2013, Willem also was the co-owner/founder and MD of GO-fresh in Heinsberg Germany. Willem extensive international worldwide trading and marketing expertise is build up over 30 years, from which the major part is in the agricultural business.

Willem Kokkeel